Monday, February 9, 2015

Kaia & Jaron: The Wedding Album

Often when I meet with a bride and groom for the first time, I like them to tell me how they met. It usually gets them giggling and excited for the big day. It also helps me get to know them a little bit better so that they will be relaxed around me while I'm doing their photos. Well I just wanted to post Kaia and Jaron's wedding album and show you how cute they are! Happy sixmonthiversary!

How they met... (in the words of Kaia) 

" I got a job cleaning movie theaters and he was already working there. So we started talking and we were, like, casual acquaintances. But one of the things you have to do when you work on floor team, is a restroom shift. So it's eight hours and you just push a restroom cart through the movie theater and into the restrooms. It is absolute torture. It is soo BAD! But I remember Jaron was my partner. We were there for eight hours and they have you fill out this log. That way could could be like... oh the lobby bathroom 10:42. (just to make sure you check it all the time) And I came out of the bathroom after cleaning it and Jaron was still in the other bathroom cleaning it and I came out and the log had been flipped over... he had written "I wonder if Kaia will read this.." And so we ended up having this six hour conversation just on the back of this paper. So that was that.. and there was a whole bunch of other silly things. Like when you throw popcorn at each other. Just little flirtations. "

"First impression was that he was really hard working... and I loved his freckles."

Jaron's Side of the story

"When I first saw Kaia.... I couldn't even pronounce her name right. I kept calling her Ki-ya. So we got to know each other for awhile and I wasn't sure who she was and I doubt she knew who I was. So we were on the restroom shift. And when we were together I was like.. what the heck? She's a girl... I'm a guy. I was... slightly attracted to her ;) (trying to keep my cool) But I  was like like.. ya know? I'm just gonna take a chance on this girl and write on this thing. So I wrote "I wonder if Kaia will read this" on the log and a couple of minutes go by and I looked at it again and she wrote "I wonder if Jaron can read this without smiling" And that was when I was like THIS GIRL IS AWESOME! And I totally smiled. She wasn't there to see it... but I started writing something back about Star Wars or something like that. Sponge bob... So that was how we met."