Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wedding Albums: Sean + Jessica

Hey guess what! I'm am trying something new. Albums! Many of my wedding packages now include a beautiful album to showcase your wedding photos. This album here is a 24 page 10x10 beauty!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

10 Wedding Day Tips (From the mouth of a photographer)

10 Wedding Day Tips (From the mouth of a photographer)

Okay so you are getting married and you need words of advice….As a wedding photographer, I have been a part of maaaany weddings, including my own. So here are 10, girl to girl tips coming from someone other than your mother. Of course, to each their own…. So if some of you married ladies have any words of advice that you think I should add, let me know!

10. Eat your cake

I know many brides, including myself, that only got one taste of their cake (the piece that their groom shoves in their face.) Someone spent a lot of time making that cake for you. Not to mention you probably slaved over deciding flavors and how you wanted it to look. Take a second after the “cutting of the cake” to sit there with your new husband and ENJOY IT! The bouquet toss can wait and people won’t mind waiting.

9. Wear more make-up than you would normally wear

I know the look right now is a bit more “natural”, which I think is beautiful, but you are on a stage putting on a show! Have you ever seen an actress with very little make up on?  No.  Want to know why? Because you can’t see it from far away, and it won’t show up on camera. Wear blush even if you normally don’t. Exaggerate your features or all that white you are wearing is going to wash you out. I’m not saying you should look like a clown or a 3 year old that found their mother’s make up kit. Keep it classy, just ramp it up a bit.

8.  Don’t stress the veil

Please, please, please don’t miss a moment of your wedding because your are fidgeting or having your mom fidget with your veil. If it is causing an issue, take it out. No one will riot over you not wearing it all the time. But on a side note, veils are beautiful and I would 100% recommend one for your bridals/ formals. Fidget away because bridals are not THE day and so you aren't on a time crunch.

7. Drink water

Most brides forget to drink water. I’m not sure if it is because they are busy or simply don’t want to have to worry about going to the bathroom in that monstrosity of a dress.  But believe me, by the end of the day you will be miserable.  My husband and I were driving to our honeymoon hotel when I started feeling pretty sick. It dawned on me that I had been out in the sun and hadn't touched a glass all day.  For fear of our wedding night being ruined, my husband pulled over to the nearest gas station and got the largest water bottle they offered. It did the trick. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake I did! Drink water!

6.  Heels hurt

Four inch heels? Girl, you crazy! Heels are cute and sexy and look great in photos. So by all means, buy the heels.  But buy a pair of cute back-up shoes for once those blisters start forming. You don’t want to walk around bare foot and risk some sort of injury on your wedding day.

5. Don’t be afraid to cry

Okay I’m not meaning that you should sob and get your face all gross and blotchy, but let a tear escape every now and then. This is a happy day. The day you've been dreaming of your whole life. You are marrying the man of your dreams. It’s alright to show a bit of emotions. It makes things real. You can always touch up your make up later.

4.  When leaving your reception/ going to your hotel, wear your wedding dress

I know some people will disagree with me on this, and again, to each their own. But I personally feel strongly on this. That wedding dress is one of the sexiest pieces of clothing you will ever wear. Yes, even if it is modest.  Your groom has been going craaaaaazy all day seeing you in that dress.  He wants you bad.  And now you are going to change into some $40 dress you bought at JC Penny?! Don’t do it! Parade through that hotel with all eyes on you, let your groom sweep you into his arms and carry you into the hotel room. And last of all… let him take it off you.  ;)

3.  Let your photographer do their job!

Yes you have had 10 billion photos taken of you. Yes it is cold/hot or whatever. Yes your stupid luncheon is scheduled way too soon. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. Let them take that photo. Be a bit late to your luncheon. Because that one photo that they are taking might be “the one”. You know, the one that you frame up in your house. The one that your kids grow up seeing all their lives and sit there hoping one day that will be them.  The one that when you have rough times in your marriage, you look at it and it reminds you of that day and it make everything right. Don’t get too caught up in the day and miss getting that “one”.

2. (Speaking of Photographers) Don’t go cheap.

10 years from now, the dress won’t fit, the food will be gone, and all you will have left is your beautiful wedding ring and your photos.  Please do not hire a photographer that is cheap because they are working on their portfolio. The cheap ones are the ones you pay for, either in getting the photos redone (not that you really can when it comes to weddings), or paying for it in regrets later. I know what you are thinking… she is a photographer; she is just saying this because she wants you to hire her. Well… yes and no. If you don’t hire me, please just hire someone that knows what they are doing! Just because your cousin has a nice camera and can take a few shots on auto for cheap doesn’t mean that she is a photographer.  This is your wedding! You can’t redo it! Do not risk it one anyone besides a true professional. Ask to see their work.  Ask if they use lights. Ask how many weddings they have done!  Do not make this your wedding day regret.


I know people will fight me on this... but when it comes to a line, don’t do it. DO NOT DO IT! Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can have the line for  “ oh just the first half” No, no, no. That is a LIE. Once you start having a line, it never ends. It’s ends up like Disneyland and wraps around the corner, out the door, and down the street.  I don’t care what your mother says; fight her on this with all of your might. Be a bridezilla for a second.  Want to know how your reception will go if you have a line? You will stand there in line for 2 hours. You won’t get to eat your food. Your great aunt Bertha will hold up the line talking about the weather and who knows what to your mom.  You’ll get dehydrated. Your feet will hurt. And the most important thing, you won’t be able to actually enjoy your reception. What I would recommend is you and your groom walking around and saying hi to people as they eat.  You have two hours to meet everyone and you’ll be done in 20 mins tops. This way aunt bertha can talk to your mom somewhere else while you two talk to people you actually know.  If you listen to one word of advice from this post, listen to this.

Okay, my lovely brides! I hope this helped! Good luck with the planning! Let me know if you want me to be a part of your day. Check out my webpage www.mckissportraits.com or shoot me an email at info@mckissportraits.com.