Thursday, November 14, 2013

Somewhere in Claustrophobia

Alrighty... My first Blog post. I had a blog years ago, but I let it drift away into the cyber abyss... So now I am starting fresh! I am a wedding photographer. That is what I do. But, here in good old Utah, the wedding season is over. Now is the time when I get to be a bit creative, break away from the norm. This first shot is the billboard for the play the BYU Mask club is putting on called, "Somewhere in Claustrophobia".

Obviously this is far from the style I usually do at a wedding. Unless some day I am able to photograph an arranged marriage.. 
Next are the actors! These are just a few quick headshots. I usually don't photograph indoors for headshots, so it was fun to set up my own little studio on stage.