Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Coronado Beach Elopement

Sorry I have been slacking with the blog posts lately. Something about having a one year old seems to take up all my time! haha. This year has been busy busy with weddings! I love that I get so many people from out of state coming here to have their wedding.

Meet Grace and Demitar. They had originally had a plan to get married in Napa Valley, but the fires made them change their location last minute. I was called about a week and a half before their wedding and luckily I could juggle some things and make it work!

These two decided to elope. There is something about elopements that are just crazy romantic... Maybe is because Anastasia and Demitri eloped at the end of the movie Anastasia... I don't know. But Just two people getting married on a beach.... no set up, no trying to make everything perfect. Just you and your love. Making a commitment to one another. (and me in the background capturing it, of course.)

Let me share their special moment with you.

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